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Communications and Investments, Lda

Installation of electrical and networking (AC and DC) equipment’s e.g. all tower facilities, generators, Transformers, Air conditioners etc.

Construction of networking/ telecommunication infrastructure and other supporting structures

Maintenance of electrical and networking (AC and DC) equipment’s e.g. transformers, air conditioners, generators and refuelling of generators and all tower facilities and site management.

Maintenance of safe working environment by following codes, standards and legal regulations

Verifying service by testing circuits, equipment, alarms, identifying and correcting or escalating problems

Technical Support

Technical operations call centre


Installation and maintenance of security systems in business offices and homes.

Fixing and Repairing 
Fixing and repairing of fixtures and fittings in business offices and homes e.g. apartments and decorative equipment’s 

Supply, ordering and gathering of electrical and networking equipment’s

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